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NextGen Attendance Management Solution
An Industry 4.0 Ready Attendance Management

Tempus Central

Attendance Management Solution is critical component of Digital Transformation and hence prudent for Digital Edge to partner with Tempus Attendance Management Solution a NextGen Attendance Management Solution.Tempus Central has two versions Cloud and On-premises/ Data Centre.

Tempus attendance management solution is much more than a typical timesheet management softwares. It empowers businesses of all sizes to streamline timekeeping, gain valuable insights, and boost overall operational efficiency.


Yeas of Insights From Customers and The Solution - Tempus !

Attendance Management Solution


Revolutionize Your Attendance Tracking:
  • Effortless Punch-In/Out
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Reduced Errors & Costs
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Leave Management on the Fly
  • Temporary Workforce Management
  • Shift Management
  • Contract Labour Management


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Attendance management solution Digital Edge

Empowering Businesses, Streamlining Attendance Management

Efficient and user-friendly cloud-based attendance solution is what Tempus is dedicated to providing businesses with.

Effortless Time Tracking, Empowered Workforces

Streamlining attendance management with innovative cloud-based solutions that free up HR resources and empower employees is focus for Tempus team

What Tempus Stand For

Streamline attendance, optimize results!

Transparency, Security, and Trust in Every Punch-In

It stands for transparency in timekeeping, ensuring data security and privacy for both businesses and employees.

Modernizing Attendance, Simplifying Lives

Today's world needs modernizing attendance management to simplify processes for HR and employees. Which fosters a more positive work environment and improved productivity.

Data-Driven Decisions, Optimized Workplaces

Tempus team is passionate about transforming attendance data into actionable insights, helping businesses optimize their workforce and achieve strategic goals.

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    Versatile Punch-in

    "Showing up every day with a positive attitude can change the entire culture of a workplace"

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    Uncover Hidden Potential with Data-Driven Insights:

    Workforce Trends Analysis:

    Gain valuable insights into employee work patterns, identify potential areas for improvement, and optimize scheduling decisions.

    Workforce trend analysis
    Tempus reports
    Automated Reporting:

    Generate customized reports based on specific needs, such as department-wise attendance summaries, overtime trends, and leave requests.

    Improved Productivity:

    By eliminating manual processes and providing real-time data, Tempus facilitates better workflow management and optimizes employee productivity. It facilitates Effortless Time Tracking, Real-Time Visibility, Reduced Administrative Burdens, Improved Employee Accountability, Data-Driven Insights. It further benefits indirectly by way of, Reduced Absenteeism, Improved Employee Engagement, Enhanced Reporting & Compliance

    Workforce trend analysis
    Tempus reports
    Automated Reporting:

    Generate customized reports based on specific needs, such as department-wise attendance summaries, overtime trends, and leave requests.

    Portability and Scalability

    Scalability & Customization:

    We understand that businesses have different needs. Our solution scales seamlessly as your company grows, and offers customization options to match your specific workflow.

    Seamless Integrations

    Integrate our solution with your existing payroll system or other HR software for a unified and automated workflow.

    Tempus integration with ERP or other applications

    Leave Management

    Streamline leave requests and approvals with a centralized system for managing vacation time, sick leave, and other absences.

    Attendance Monitoring & Control


    Ease of Use


    Temporary Workforce Management


    Leave Management


    Shift Management


    Geotagging/ Geofencing

    Geotagging in Tempus
    • Reduced Administrative Burden: Free up your HR team from tedious manual tasks
    • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Offer a modern and convenient timekeeping solution
    • Improved Decision-Making: Gain data-driven insights to support workforce management decisions.
    • Cost Savings: Reduce administrative costs associated with record keeping and payroll processing.

    Cloud-based attendance management is a software solution hosted online, allowing employees to clock in and out from any internet-connected device. It eliminates the need for physical timecards and simplifies attendance tracking for businesses.

    • Effortless time tracking: Employees can clock in/out with ease, reducing administrative burdens for HR.
    • Real-time data access:Instantly access attendance reports, track overtime, and manage schedules.
    • Reduced errors: Eliminate manual errors and discrepancies with automatic data capture.
    • Improved compliance: Ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations.
    • Enhanced data insights:Gain valuable insights into workforce trends and optimize scheduling.
    • Increased efficiency: Free up HR resources for more strategic tasks.

    This solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, across various industries.

    Yes, our solution typically includes a mobile app that allows employees to clock in/out from anywhere with an internet connection, increasing flexibility and convenience.

     Location tracking can be an optional feature. It allows businesses with remote workers or field teams to track employee location for enhanced accountability and optimized scheduling. However, ensure you comply with relevant data privacy regulations.

    Yes, our solution often integrates with popular payroll systems and other HR software, allowing for a seamless and automated workflow.

    Data security is a top priority. We utilize industry-leading security protocols, including data encryption, to safeguard your employee information.

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