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IIoT Solutions for manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing the way industries operate. By connecting machines, sensors, and devices, businesses are gaining unprecedented insights into their operations, driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Here, at Digital Edge, we offer ready to deploy IIoT solutions of reputed technology companies. We select the right solution for the use-case in hand. These solutions are designed to help you:
Optimize Production: Gain real-time data on machine performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize production schedules for increased output.
Improve Predictive Maintenance: Predict equipment failures before they occur, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Enhance Quality Control: Continuously monitor product quality and identify potential issues early in the production process.
Boost Energy Efficiency: Track energy consumption across your facilities and implement strategies for significant energy savings.
Drive Sustainability: Gain insights into your environmental footprint and optimize processes for a more sustainable operation.

IIoT backed OEE solutions

Beyond optimizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), IIoT empowers industrial operations with a range of benefits. Imagine remotely monitoring asset health for predictive maintenance, optimizing energy use based on real-time production data, or even ensuring product quality through continuous, sensor driven monitoring throughout the production line. Think of asset tracking across supply chain, using RFID tags. These are just a few examples of how IIoT unlocks new levels of efficiency, cost savings, and process control across entire industrial ecosystems.

IIoT solutions offered by us are built on foundation of:

Secure Connectivity:
We ensure secure data transmission and device access to protect your critical industrial operations.
Scalable Infrastructure: Our solutions are designed to scale with your business needs, allowing you to add new devices and functionalities seamlessly.
Data Analytics Expertise: We help you extract valuable insights from your IIoT data to make informed business decisions.

Ready to unlock the power of IIoT?

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“The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks.”

Edewede Oriwoh

PhD in Cyber-Physical Security

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    Using sensors and other automation techniques, we can bring data of old machine on dashboard.

    The specific sensors used will depend on the machines and processes being monitored, e.g. optical, temperature, pressure sensors, etc.

    You can start by identifying your specific needs and approach us for a customized solution to meet those needs.

    The ROI for an IIoT solution for OEE can be significant. By improving OEE, you can increase production output, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

    Security is a critical concern for any IIoT application. Effy is installed on on-premise server and it has strong security features in place, such as encryption and authentication.