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Industrial environments demand robust and reliable technology that can withstand the harshest conditions. LED displays have emerged as a revolutionary solution for communication, information dissemination, and process control in the industrial sector. Their vibrant visuals, durability, and energy efficiency make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from production lines and warehouses to control rooms and outdoor signage.
Large LED display are mounted on a factory wall, displaying realtime production data. They help enhanced communication and visibility. It's a clear and effective way to communicate important information to employees in noisy and busy industrial environments. Real-time data, safety instructions, and production metrics can be displayed prominently, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned. improved process control and efficiency.
Benefits of an EHS Display Board:
Increased Employee Engagement : Real-time data keeps employees informed and invested in safety initiatives.
Enhanced Safety Culture: Visible EHS information reinforces safe work practices and reduces risks.
Improved Communication: Display boards provide a clear and consistent channel for safety updates and reminders.
Proactive Approach to Safety: Real-time alerts allow for immediate action in case of potential hazards.

Investing in an EHS display board is an investment in the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize a solution for your workplace!

EHS LED Display Boards

Features of CIPL EHS display boards:

  • Customization: Tailor the displayed data to meet your specific workplace needs.
  • Real-time Updates: Easy integration with OT at plant for live data feed.
  • Eye-Catching Design: Bright, high-resolution LED displays ensure optimal visibility.
  • Easy Management: Update content remotely from a user-friendly interface.

Industrial grade LED displays have a wide range of use-case from EHS to production and supply chain management.
Environmental Data: Monitor air quality, noise levels, temperature, and other environmental parameters.
Safety Reminders: Display safe work procedures, PPE requirements, and hazard warnings.
Safety Wins Recognition:
Celebrate employee contributions to a safe workplace environment.
Safety Campaign Promotion: Publicize upcoming safety programs and contestsfor people to participate in.
ERT display: Real-time data about availability of emergency responders at site, e.g. fire fighters, first aiders, etc.
Production display: Real-time display of production data for various assembly lines or plants.
Supply chain manangement:Live display of inventory date of various products.

ERT Display Solutions

ERT LED display solutions for emergency evacuations

Meet the team that keeps you safe: your Emergency Response Champions on display at the gate!
Proud to unveil Compucare India Pvt.Ltd.'s Emergency Response Team (ERT) LED display solution for the factory gates! This is realtime display, linked to attendance system. This interactive exhibit showcases the dedication and expertise of your team who are on call 24/7 to ensure the safety of your employees and community.
The display features:
Contact details of your ERT members, highlighting their expertise & skills, e.g. fire fighter, first aider, etc.
Also you can display, information on emergency procedures and evacuation routes, empowering everyone to be prepared.
This display is more than just information - it's a symbol of your commitment to safety of people. It reminds everyone that they're in this together, and that a skilled and dedicated team is always behind the scenes, ready to respond when needed.

"The purpose of data visualization is to communicate ideas with clarity and precision."

Colin Ware

Data Visualization Expert

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    EHS LED display solutions utilize LED displays to communicate environmental health and safety (EHS) data, information, and alerts in real-time.

    • Improved safety communication
    • Real-time data display
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Data integration: 
    • Content management system

    EHS LED displays come in various configurations to suit specific needs. Options include:

    • Indoor/outdoor displays
    • Different sizes and resolutions
    • Wall-mounted or freestanding units

    EHS LED displays can connect to various data sources through:

    • Ethernet connections
    • USB/ Bluetooth
    • Cloud-based data platform

    EHS LED displays are typically managed using a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows you to create, schedule, and update content remotely.

    Here are some key factors to consider when implementing EHS LED displays:

    • Location
    • Content needs
    • Data integration
    • Budget
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