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Predictive Maintenance (aka PdM) finds its roots in condition monitoring. For decades manufacturing companies have been using condition monitoring to monitor health and condition of rotary equipment, e.g. Pumps, Motors, Blowers, fans, mixers, etc. The objective of condition of monitoring was to monitor conditions on real time for fault identification. With advent of AI/ ML, there was an opportunity for predicting faults based on historical data, collected & stored. Predictive Maintenance is next level of condition monitoring, where focus is on early detection of faults based on either pattern based analytics or rule based analytics on historical machine condition data. With PdM, engineering teams can get insights about likely fault conditions, that may occur in near future, say 15-30 days. This facilitates them, to optimize maintenance schedules, while preventing failures and unplanned downtime.

In today's competitive industrial landscape, maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime is crucial for success. Unexpected equipment failures can lead to costly production losses, safety hazards, and frustrated customers. Digital Edge offers IIoT-powered predictive maintenance solutions of Vadict. These solutions leverage the power of the IIoT to collect real-time data from your equipment, including vibrations, temperature, pressure, and energy consumption. This data is then analyzed using advanced machine learning algorithms to predict potential failures before they occur.

Benefits of Vadict Solutions

Increased OEE
Reduced Unplanned Downtime
Increased Throughput
On Time Delivery
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Improved Quality

Vadict solutions are enablers for knowing well ahead of time, when an asset will fail. It is based on advanced analytics and marks a new way of organizing and implementing maintenance at an industrial site. Vadict has developed an approach, to smoothly introduce predictive maintenance into business processes, in a customized and structured manner. Vadict Predictive Maintenance solutions can be quickly deployed across industry verticals e.g. Oil, Gas, Steel, Cement, mining, paper, tyre, chemical and pharmaceutical. Vadict solutions are optimized for hazardous industrial conditions by way of ATEX/ PESO certification for its sensors. Vadict platform generates alerts, 24/7/365, based on anomalies detected in sensory data received from site. These alerts are categorized in various stages such as degradation and abnormal stages.

Why Predictive Maintenance with Vadict?

  • Strong Domain Expertise
  • Sensor Agnostic Platform
  • Time tested, AI/ML backed platform
  • Strong after support team

The application of predictive maintenance is useful for fixing irregularities and deficiencies before any equipment fails thus avoiding unnecessary and unplanned reactive maintenance.

Global Data


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    • Vibration sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Acoustic emission sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Current sensors

    PdM solutions collect and analyze various data points, including:

    • Sensor data from equipment (vibration, temperature, etc.)
    • Historical maintenance records
    • Operational data (production rates, energy consumption)
    • Environmental data (temperature, humidity)

    By analyzing this data, PdM solutions can identify trends and patterns that predict potential equipment failures.

    The cost of a PdM solution can vary depending on several factors, including:

    • The size and complexity of your operation
    • The number of machines you need to monitor
    • The types of sensors required
    • The features and capabilities of the PdM software

    However, the potential cost savings from reduced downtime and improved maintenance efficiency often outweigh the initial investment.

    Implementing a PdM solution requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some key steps:

    1. Identify your goals and objectives
    2. Assess your equipment
    3. Choose the right technology
    4. Integrate data collection
    5. Develop a maintenance strategy
    6. Train your personnel 

    PdM can benefit a wide range of industries, especially those that rely heavily on machinery and equipment. Here are some factors to consider:

    • Cost of downtime
    • Maintenance complexity
    • Data accessibility